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Anna Johnsen is an experienced business and trial attorney who has worked with diverse clients spanning a broad range of industry groups, including technology, food and beverage, consumer goods, and the cruise ship industry. This experience, coupled with ownership of her own law firm, brings a deep understanding of both the legal and the commercial aspects of disputes involving business entities, shareholders, investors, breach of contract, employment disputes, and intellectual property.


Anna states that Seattle is growing fast. There are a lot of people starting new businesses and going through the roller coaster ride that is entrepreneurship. Having launched her own firm, Anna knows firsthand how there is so much to take care of at the start of a new venture. Some entrepreneurs are so excited by their concept or product that they neglect sorting out early disagreements among co-founders, contractors, employees, or others.


The attitude of “we will figure it out later” can be the default when a young business is caught up in the excitement of the new technology they have created, or the new product they are busy marketing. Anna is therefore a mediator who understands psychology as well as the law. Being a neutral party who emotionally connects with the litigants can be the difference between a case resolving in mediation or going to trial.


Just by building on those two factors—both the law and the psychological factors—a good mediator responds to the needs of the parties, and tries to never lose sight of the people involved in a case and all of their different motivations. Being able to read and understand the law is as important as being able to understand the people involved. It holds true for both a mediator and a litigator. Anna calls her favorite mediators “psychological wizards,” because they know how to handle people, especially when emotions are running high, and employs the same attitude towards her cases as a mediator.


Recently Anna represented two of her clients, an individual and an LLC, in the first civil virtual trial held in the Western District of Washington. Anna is one of the very few attorneys who has first-hand experience of the new and changing terrain of virtual trials. 

As an advocate herself, Anna is absolutely committed to bringing her full attention and energy to every mediation. She will tenaciously work towards resolution of your civil dispute with thorough preparation, a deep understanding of the case, and creative approaches to achieve a resolution.