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The Pacific ADR Arbitration Process

We Care About Your Clients. We Are Always Prepared. We Never Give Up.

The power of customer service only Pacific ADR Arbitrators deliver.

In an era of unprecedented business disruptions, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and working remotely, timely dispute resolution is critical. In-person, virtual, or online summary arbitration with an experienced Pacific ADR arbitrator provides an effective alternative to ongoing litigation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the legal and judicial system in such a way that the majority of state and federal courts have been closed indefinitely. If, or when they reopen, existing cases will be backlogged, and trial dates will continue to be delayed. In addition, the pandemic is also expected to result in thousands or more of new case filings that courts will not be able to accommodate anytime soon.


Pacific ADR is refining the arbitration process and are dedicated to providing fair, expeditious resolution and reasoned awards in disputes of all types. Arbitration at Pacific ADR allows parties to select a neutral Arbitrator with industry-specific expertise and to customize the arbitration process best suits their dispute. The process may include customized and mutually agreed upon rules, discovery protocols, an appeal procedure, and/or other efficiencies. With virtual video dispute resolution gaining in popularity, Pacific ADR's arbitration procedures now offer greater scheduling flexibility.


Our meticulous work and top-tier customer service works for our clients at every step of the way. When choosing to arbitrate with Pacific ADR, our clients can have faith that we will help them settle their cases fairly and impartially.


As the first women owned and operated provider of arbitration and other ADR services, we are empathetic to the tribulations of ongoing litigation. We seek to provide our clients with personalized service by drawing on our team's decades of experience in successfully resolving cases of every type and size. 

Virtual Arbitration Options


Pacific ADR Mediators are available to resolve disputes remotely. We offer a number of videoconference options for arbitrations amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. Safety is our number one priority when resolving disputes, and all of our mediations and arbitrations will be taking place via Video or Teleconference technology for the foreseeable future.  Please contact us for more information about virtual options for your next dispute.


If you wish to arbitrate in-person please contact us at: or call us at 206.825.4414 

Pacific ADR Online Summary Arbitration Procedures

Pacific ADR  has taken an industry-leading role to ensure arbitration remains an attractive alternative to litigation. In order to save clients time and money, Pacific ADR has created an expedited arbitration procedure option that allows parties to settle their dispute between 120-150 days or less.

With Pacific ADR's Online Summary Arbitration procedures, parties can choose a process that limits depositions, document requests and e-discovery. When parties choose Pacific ADR's Comprehensive Arbitration Rules, they elect to voluntarily limit and shorten the arbitration process. 

To learn more about Pacific ADR's Online Summary Arbitration Procedure click the link below:

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