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"Meet The Mediator" Series: Meet Kathryn "Kayti" Knudsen

Kathryn Knudsen Insurance Bad Faith
Pacific ADR Kathryn "Kayti" Knudsen

Meet Pacific ADR Mediator Kathryn "Kayti" Knudsen!

Kayti Knudsen is passionate about justice and holding wrongdoers accountable. Kayti’s practice focuses primarily on policyholder insurance bad faith, serious injury, and representing victims of discrimination and harassment. She has experience representing insureds in cases ranging from single-family homeowner disputes to complex class action claims. Kayti’s tenacity and experience litigating against some of the largest corporations in America get results for her clients both in and out of the courtroom.

What types of disputes have you handled?

Kayti: I have experience in insurance recovery, insurance bad faith, personal injury, premises liability, employment, contract and property disputes.

What is your mediation style?

Kayti: I like to find creative solutions when there is an impasse by helping both sides understand what a compromise is. It requires both sides to give a little. I take a realistic approach to the risks and benefits of going to trial. Most of the time, the parties are so angry and emotional that feelings get in the way of legitimate arguments and concerns.

What do you like best about ADR?

Kayti: Seeing the relief on the faces of those who obtain a resolution during mediation.

What are some things to keep in mind before or during mediation?

Kayti: I like to remind counsel about putting enough detail in their mediation statement so the mediator can understand the arguments of both sides. It's important to make sure all decision makers are attending or available during the mediation otherwise there will be communication issues. Frequently, clients are not prepped beforehand about all potential outcomes of the mediation so they are surprised by the process or the outcome (or lack thereof).


Do you have any useful tips for selecting a mediator that best fits your case?

Kayti: For insurance cases, prioritize the mediators who are familiar with insurance coverage cases, have a track record of success, and do not treat insurance companies as their preferred client. Impartiality is critical here.

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